Finally, an RCM data platform that is built for the future.

Robotic Process Automation

  • Record workflows across desktop and web-based legacy systems
  • Compatible with EHR, practice management systems, clearinghouses, payer portals, and custom software
  • Retrieve data from legacy systems or download files from any source
  • Edit data on any screen or deliver processed data files to any location
  • Automatic and manually-triggered recorded workflow processes

AI Rules Engine

  • Self-learning rules based on historical data and real-time workflow
  • Real-time predictive alerting
  • Real-time claims and payments transactions
  • Data and outcomes automatic key combination tagging
  • Payment outcomes based automatic rule creation
  • Automatic editing of outbound claims to optimize for reimbursement scenarios

Data Processing

  • Data: Web application HTML, desktop software, EDI, PDF, XML, CSV, API
  • Storage: Hadoop, DynamoDB, Mongo
  • Extraction: OpenCV OCR, spaCy NLP
  • Orchestration: Kafka, Celery
  • Security: Single tenant data storage, row level access control, keystroke recording, PHI ,asking
  • Delivery: Amazon AWS EMR or client Hosted


  • Real-time reporting on claims and payment data from all sources
  • Interactive revenue cycle visualization and drill down reporting
  • KPI dashboards with performance benchmarking
  • Export custom report creation and modification to Excel, CSV, and PDF
  • Automatic and manually triggered report distribution

Just give BETH logins to billing systems and clearinghouses.