AI Rules Engine + AI Document Extraction + Bot Automation

Introducing the next-generation platform you’ve been looking for to solve the most challenging revenue cycle problems.

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Reconciled Posting

Never Manually Post Reconciled Payments

  • Bank deposit log
  • 835 and EOB download
  • Patient responsibility auditing
  • Bot posting of reconciled payments
  • Deposit log updating for internal tracking

Document Automation

Never Key In Paper EOB Data

  • EOB extraction
  • 835 generation
  • Deposit log extraction

Performance Analytics

Never Lose Track of Your Data or KPIs

  • Real-time reporting on data across systems
  • Financial health KPIs and benchmarking
  • Root cause identification
  • Productivity management

Coming in 2019

End-to-end autonomous revenue cycle that captures more revenue with less labor cost.

Coding Intelligence

Never Incorrectly Code a Claim

  • Suggested coding
  • Certified coder review
  • Supporting documentation

Claim Optimization

Never Submit a Predicted Denial

  • Complete and accurate data
  • Full library of industry and payer rules
  • Predictive rules based on prior outcomes
  • Payer-specific claim optimization

Payment Accuracy

Never Write Off a Denial or Underpayment

  • 835 gathering from every location
  • Centralized denial triage and workflow routing
  • Contractual payment variance identification

You don’t have to replace any legacy systems, just add BETH.

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