BETH prevents every avoidable denial, ensures payment accuracy, and automates posting processes.

BETH is AI built to get claims paid the first time, every time. 

BETH audits every claim and payment with the most advanced rules engine on the market.

Claim Submission Optimization

  • Complete and accurate data
  • Full library of industry and payer rules
  • Predictive rules based on prior outcomes
  • Payer-specific claim optimization

Document Creation and Delivery

  • Generation of completed forms
  • Data extraction from PDF supporting documentation
  • Batch documentation functions
  • Electronic delivery to destination payers

Payment Accuracy and Automation

  • 835 gathering from every location
  • EOB conversion into 835
  • Centralized denial triage and workflow routing
  • Contractual payment variance identification
  • Internal and external system posting

Performance Analytics

  • Real-time reporting on data across systems
  • Financial health KPIs and benchmarking
  • Root cause identification
  • Productivity management

You don’t have to replace any legacy systems, just add BETH.