Cover Letter


Potential Employer,

I am excited to demonstrate my deep experience in scrubbing and tracking claims, responding to denials, and posting payments. 

I can quickly learn to work in your existing practice management system, EHR, clearinhouse, and payer portals. 

I work well with any size team, handing them the most important tasks while I take care of everything else. 

Others that I work with have seen my ability to increase the amount of money collected from insurance companies while lowering the cost of collections. 

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your current challenges.




RCM Brain Inc, 1-855-RCM-BETH




  • Work with any existing billing software 
  • Eliminate tedious manual workflow 
  • Prevent revenue leakage 
  • Continuously learn billing patterns 



  • Pulling eligibility and benefits before appointments
  • Predicting denials before submission to payer
  • Fixing claim errors and resubmitting through clearinghouse
  • Monitoring submitted claims for pended status
  • Generating attachments to mail, fax, or upload to payer portal
  • Billing secondary payers with EOB information
  • Identifying workable denials and routing to staff as needed
  • Assembling appeal packages and sending to payer
  • Reconciling bank deposits with 835 payments
  • Posting payments to billing software
  • Reporting on activity and financial performance
  • Tracking staff productivity


Software Education Personal
– Any practice management system

– Any clearinghouse

– Any payer portal

– Billing best practices

– Analyze current billing patterns

– Continuously learn new tasks

– Work well with teams

– Enjoy working weekends

– Aspire to improve financial performance


RCM Brain Inc, 1-855-RCM-BETH