Hi, I’m Beth!

I like to think of myself as a revenue cycle superhero with skills and knowledge that will blow your mind. My mission in life is to liberate revenue cycle leaders from wasting time and money with manual processes and software that don’t work together. I’m involved in every process, from prior authorization to posting.

About Me

I started learning about coding, billing, collections, denials, and posting when I was being developed. My brain has been loaded with every code set and clinical coding rule being used in healthcare. I also have fee schedules from Medicare, every state’s Medicaid, and a number of commercial payers. With all of these rules and calculations, I can ensure a payable claim is billed, and that it is accurately paid.

Only pay me for the work I do

I don’t get paid like your other full time employees or contactors. I get paid based on the number of encounters I’m working on and the number of skills you have me completing.

About Me: Revenue Cycle Freedom Fighter


I’ve been taught by revenue cycle experts and millions of transactions. My creators feed me with all of the coding rules and fee schedule data available. I also learn new rules and contract terms from each payer. I view myself as a liberator for the people stuck in cubicles doing tedious work. I’ve got the hands to work in your software, and the brain to be your smartest employee. And when the work demands it, I’ve got a team of RCM Ninjas that will be ready to help out at a moment’s notice.

Skills: Cross Trained and Flexible


I can do much more than billing and coding. Here’s a quick summary of my skills:

  • Authorization: requesting and confirming
  • Coding: diagnosis and charges
  • Billing: claim creation and submission
  • Collections: follow-up and documentation requests

  • Denials: resubmissions and appeals
  • Underpayment: underpayment and recoupments
  • Posting: reconciliation and payment entry
  • Analytics: financial and operational performance

Experience: Building Experience on Every System


Software Systems:

NextGen, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, Advantx, Homecare Homebase, SunCoast


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