Flexible implementation options that keep you in the driver’s seat.

Engagement Options

Real Time Billing

Our full product suite, implemented within your real time workflow to ensure optimized claims and accurate payments. 

Product Modules: 

  • Master Data Management
  • Claim Optimization
  • Payment Accuracy 
  • Performance Analytics

AR Management

This option is designed for organizations that want to audit historical payments and manage AR with the fewest possible human touches. 

Product Modules: 

  • Master Data Management
  • Payment Accuracy 
  • Performance Analytics

Transition Project

This option is designed to extract and move data from a legacy system or old vendor while ensuring accurate historical payment and comprehensive data transfer. 

Product Modules:

  • Master Data Management
  • Payment Accuracy 
  • Data Exporting

Implementation Process

1. Legacy System Access

  • Add 2 users to every system
    • Practice Management
    • Primary Clearinghouse
    • Additional Clearinghouses
    • Necessary Payer Portals
  • Claims FTP Access
    • Real Time Billing only
    • Intercept claim batches before billing
    • Deliver claim batches after scrubbing

2. BETH Setup

  • Obtain data from legacy systems
    • Record process for historical data
    • Record process for real time data
    • Predictive data extraction models
  • Master Data Management
    • Payer and provider confirmation
    • Fee schedule calculations
    • Contract terms

3. AI Data Training

  • Run standard rules library
    • All edits (CCI, LCD, NCD, MUE, Guidelines)
    • Payment accuracy calculations
    • Outstanding claim status
  • Self learning rules 
    • Reverse engineer historical denials
    • Reverse engineer payer guidelines
    • Run prediction tests 

Revenue Realization Phases

There are 3 distinct phases of performance improvement:

1. Implementation (Month 1 – 3)

2. AR Reduction and Underpayment Recovery (Month 3 – 15)

3. Peak Performance (Month 15+)