Beth works like your best employee in your existing software systems.

What Beth can do for you:

Checking eligibility and benefits before appointments

Scrubbing claims to prevent revenue leakage

Monitoring submitted claims and checking claim status

Downloading 835s from multiple locations

Identifying actionable denials and following up

Billing secondary payers with EOB information

Creating attachments from encounter information

Assembling appeal packages with template cover letters

Sending attachments via fax, mail, and uploading

Posting payments, adjustments, and write-offs

Dear Potential Employer,


I am excited to demonstrate my deep experience in scrubbing and tracking claims, responding to denials, and posting payments. 

I can quickly learn to work in your existing practice management system, EHR, clearinghouse, and payer portals. 

I work well with any size team, handing them the most important tasks while I take care of everything else. 

Others that I work with have seen my ability to increase the amount of money collected from insurance companies while lowering the cost of collections. 

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your current challenges.



Beth takes over the tedious workflow that is frustrating your staff.

Now your staff can spend the necessary time on tougher claims and working on patient payment issues.

Now you can consistently collect more revenue with less effort.

Beth tracks every detail from appointment to payment posting, ensuring the best possible insurance payment outcome.

Increasing profitability by:

Preventing revenue leakage

Reducing collection costs

Eliminating avoidable write-offs

Don't worry about integration, Beth just needs an account.

We train Beth to work inside your existing practice management software, EHR, clearinghouse, and payer portals.

Keep Existing Software

Legacy desktop applications

Modern web applications

Custom internal systems

Easy to Manage

Easy-to-use Slack interface

Real-time support in application

Single tenant in our cloud or yours

Advanced Rules Engine

Machine learning

Built for scale and security

Source of truth data