Hire Beth and the RCM Ninjas to Lower Costs and Grow Revenue

How Beth Works in Your Systems

  • Logs into billing systems, clearinghouses, and payer portals
  • Scrubs claims to avoid issues with your payers and services
  • Edits and resubmits primary and secondary claims
  • Generates and submits attachments online and via fax
  • Follows up on claims and verifies payment accuracy
  • Reports on revenue cycle performance and productivity

Find Out How Beth and RCM Brain Can Help You!

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Beth Organizes Your Data, Automates Tedious Workflow, and Prioritizes Activities for Your Staff.

Your Revenue Cycle Challenges:

  • Not enough trained staff to manage workload
  • Growing accounts receivable causing revenue leakage
  • Legacy systems are unable to share data

RCM Ninjas Provide Expert Services:

  • Analyze historical data to train Beth with advanced rules
  • Perform turnkey AR Cleanup services
  • Managed billing operations for Full Service offering

Start Increasing Profitability by:

  • Preventing Revenue Leakage
  • Reducing Collection Costs
  • Eliminating Avoidable Write-Offs
  • Accomplishing More with Fewer Staff

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