Frequently Asked Questions

You know you’re ready to clean up your AR so you can grow your medical business, but that may be the only thing you know for sure. Get answers to our most common inquiries below. If you don’t see your question, please call 1-855-RCM-BETH or contact us using our online form.
What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer systems and software that are so sophisticated they can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence and critical thinking. Using AI built by RCM Brain, you can efficiently optimize claims that currently demand extensive amounts of time from your AR department. And because our AI can quickly cross-reference a claim with similar claims and additional information, you’ll boost the likelihood of getting your claims paid the first time around.

How does RCM use AI for revenue cycle management?

A major factor in why your revenue cycle isn’t working is there’s just too much information for your team members to sift through and keep organized. Each day, this problem gets worse as new claim denials and requests for more information come in. But because our AI software can examine countless claim documents and related pieces of information in a flash, RCM Brain can help you take control of your revenue cycle again.
How does Beth automate workflow?

You’ve done a great job recruiting a talented team, but maybe you’ve found tasks don’t immediately make it to the person best suited for the job. By organizing your AR (and roles within your AR department) Beth can automate your workflow, ensuring tasks quickly reach the appropriate team member and get completed quicker. Beth automating your workflow will also free up time to cross-train your staff, which will dramatically improve productivity.
How do I clean up my AR?

Because many factors have contributed to your current AR mess, Beth will clean it up using a multi-faceted approach that includes:

  • Completing a deep dive of your billing documents, identifying and following up on claims that have been underpaid, written-off, or otherwise mishandled
  • Using that information to improve how new claims are processed so your AR doesn’t pile up again
  • Efficiently routing the workflow of claims that require human intervention to the appropriate team member

With Beth sorting through your past, present, and incoming AR, we’ll be able to guide you in boosting the productivity and morale of your billing team as they manage the complex claims that require a human touch.

Approximately how long will it take to move my billing back in-house?

The timeline for moving your billing back in-house will depend on a few factors, including the amount of claims your medical business processes. Typically though, 60-90 days after cancelling your billing service(s), you’ll be performing all of your billing activities in-house. We’ll be able to give you a more accurate time estimate as we work with you.

How does Beth know and what does she do if a payer changes contractual terms?

Insurance companies can change the amount they pay for given services as often as every three months. These payers do alert your AR department, but currently, your team has no way to keep track of contractual changes that occur at irregular intervals across multiple payers. Beth, on the other hand, can perpetually monitor multiple contracts and fee schedules, making adjustments and alerting your staff as needed.
Who is Beth?
Beth is the “hands” and “brain” of our AI system – She can log into your current software systems just like any other member of your team. She:

  • Scrubs and tracks claims
  • Respond to denials
  • Post payments
  • Manage tedious workflow

All while learning how to perform better over time. Beth will collect more from insurance companies while also decreasing the cost of your AR operations.

What is robotic process automation?

Your billing department has to perform a huge amount of repetitive tasks. While this sort of work is vital to the day-to-day operations of your medical business, it can be very frustrating for your team and is often error-prone, which only results in more exasperation. But with the robotic process automation our AI provides, you’ll be able to hand off the vast majority of these tedious duties to software that will perform quickly, precisely, and (perhaps most importantly) tirelessly.
Will Beth replace my AR department team members?

Because complex claims in the revenue cycle require human problem-solving, Beth isn’t meant to be a robot replacement for your team. Rather, Beth will take over the tedium of workflow management, and much more, so your staff can devote their time and energy to more challenging and fulfilling work and handle any tasks that require a phone call.
What support does RCM Brain provide?

Our RCM ninjas literally built the AI software that allows Beth to clean up your AR, so we are more than prepared to provide any assistance you’ll need. We offer options for support packages, including regular monthly meetings. If you have any questions, concerns, or particular goals in mind, just let us know. We’ll handle the nuances of your AI so you can focus on your top priority, running your medical business.
What happens if Beth is unable to process a claim?

Beth will handle the vast majority of the billing tasks thrown her way, but as your AR team knows all too well, some complicated claims require a great deal of critical analysis and hands-on follow-up. When necessary, Beth will determine the best team member for a claim and route the workflow appropriately.
How much will it cost to hire Beth and the RCM Brain Ninjas?

Because every medical business is unique, we offer multiple turn-key services and packages. While pricing may vary depending on various factors, you’ll be pleased to know that we only collect our fees as a fraction of the money we save you. For a general idea on pricing, here are some of the services and the corresponding ranges for rates we offer:

  • Self Service Billing Automation – 1% to 2.5% depending on the level of automation
  • Full Service AR Cleanup – 6% to 15% based on the age of claims
  • Full Service Managed Billing – up to 40% off the service fees charged by legacy outsourced billing companies (available July 2018)