I help billing companies serve more clients without adding more staff.

Avoid becoming a commodity service with falling margins and customer loyalty.

Executive Impact

  • Technological obsolescence is the real risk for RCM services
  • Scaling volume and quality of provider contracts is critical
  • Grow without adding staff to support new clients

Increase profitability while staying competitive in a tightening marketplace.


Financial Impact

  • Operate profitably at below-market rates
  • Avoid expensive staffing and physical plant costs
  • Expand service offerings to existing clients without adding staff

Standardize processes across clients on different software systems so you can focus on cross training your staff.


Operational Impact

  • Eliminate complexity and reliance on staff knowledge
  • Reduce reworking and missed revenue with comprehensive rules
  • Create a cross-functional team to support automation

Don’t start building new technology to work around client software, just implement a flexible platform that scales with you.


Technology Impact

  • Avoid building and maintaining home-grown databases
  • Reduce staff training requirements on client software
  • Seamlessly manage data across multiple clients and platforms
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