Add more clients without hiring staff or sacrificing performance.

Beth works across your clients' systems, improving collection rates with less overhead.

Empowering your Billing Company growth by:

Enabling Consistent Workflow Across Clients

Eliminating Repetitive Manual Tasks

Ensuring Accurate Claim Submission

Creating Consistent AR Follow Up

Simplified Productivity Management

We used to struggle to make payroll when payers would change the rules and our AR would build up. Now I can focus on our strategic goals without worrying about revenue leakage. 

Chief Financial Officer

Recruiting and keeping good staff has been a challenge for years. Now that I can keep things running smoothly I can focus on keeping the best staff and investing in leadership training.

Chief Operations Officer

I don’t have to worry about getting my vendors to integrate with each other. RCM Brain gives me scalability and interoperability that I have never had before.

Chief Technology Officer