Add more clients without hiring additional staff or sacrificing performance.

Beth works across your clients' systems, improving collection rates with less overhead.

Unlocking the growth potentialof your billing company by:

Achieving Consistent Workflow Across Clients

Eliminating Repetitive Manual Tasks

Ensuring Accurate Claim Submission

Creating Consistent AR Follow Up

Simplifying Productivity Management

We used to struggle to make payroll when payers would change the rules and our AR would build up. Now I can focus on our strategic goals without worrying about revenue leakage. 

Chief Financial Officer

Recruiting and keeping good staff has been a challenge for years. Now that I can keep things running smoothly I can focus on keeping the best staff and investing in leadership training. Chief Operations Officer

I don’t have to worry about getting my vendors to integrate with each other. RCM Brain gives me scalability and interoperability that I have never had before. Chief Technology Officer

Servicing clients across multiple systems is hard, especially when you're trying to resolve issues at the root.Let Beth make it easy.

Achieve Consistent Workflow Across Clients


Acquiring new clients for your billing company to serve is challenging enough on its own. But what happens after you bring on a new client can be even more difficult. Your team must learn the combination of various platforms and tools each new client uses, including:


  • Practice management systems
  • Clearinghouses
  • Payer websites
  • EHRs


Routing workflow across your current clients and your new clients and their respective (and ever-changing) systems can be a nightmare your billing companie, making it incredibly difficult to:


  • Resolve highly complex team-wide training issues
  • Teach individual staff members how to execute the same tasks across different client systems
  • Retain team members
  • Consistently improve overall management accuracy and performance


But with the help of RCM Brain, Beth can streamline your tasks and take on the responsibility of the individual functions within your clients’ different billing systems.


Not only will Beth reduce the complexity of your task management and improve consistency, she’ll also assign prioritized tasks to individual staff members, which will simplify their work and improve team morale.


Beth manages workflow with the consistency you're looking for, so your staff can be more productive.
There is a mountain of work to be done,
and far too much of it's manual and repetitive.
Let Beth conquer the mountain for your team.
Beth will simplify your billing and collection routine by automating up to 80% of manual processes.

Eliminate Repetitive Manual Tasks

Your team works very hard sorting through a lot of information. Currently, a lot of the tasks for your billing company are related to:

  • Collecting data from the providers you serve
  • Pushing data through the system to get it to the appropriate insurance company
  • Following up on claims that were either pended or denied
  • Manually posting payments received into various systems

These tasks are time-consuming, tedious, and prone to human data entry error. And because this process can easily become overwhelming as your billing company takes on more new clients, you’ll require more and more staff to do basic data entry work.

But with Beth on your side, your billing company can:

  • Almost entirely eliminate workflow management issues
  • Allow staff members to focus on more complex tasks
  • Reduce the need to contact payers
It's almost impossible to submit perfect claims,
and your staff can't memorize every payer nuance.
But Beth can.

Eliminate Inaccurate Claim Submissions

Every claim your billing company processes presents a unique and nuanced case for your team. You must take into account the particular service rendered, the setting care was provided ,and the payers that need to be billed. This often results in more:

  • Claims submitted with errors
  • Work for your team
  • Billing company overhead

But when you hand this process over to Beth, she’ll:

  • Scrub each claim before it goes out the door, ensuring it’s optimized for payment
  • Send any potential coding issues back to appropriate coder before submitting claims
  • Minimize appeals process costs, which reduces overhead

By Beth submitting significantly more accurate claims to payers the first time around, your billing company gets paid more frequently and faster.

Beth learns every rule needed to get claims paid, and makes sure claims are billed accurately before sending them to the payer.
Every billing company has an Aging AR issue,
but now you can do something about yours.
Beth makes AR follow-up a lot simpler by preventing errors, automatically following up on late payments, and recommending the best follow-up tactic for more complex claim issues.

Create Consistent AR Follow Up

AR follow up demands a huge amount of your team’s time. As your team falls behind, new claims get added to the pile, the ones at the bottom of the pile become older and less likely to be paid.

Left with no other choice, your AR department takes any shortcut possible to get through the pile and attempts to prioritize claims based on dollar amount. This wildly inconsistent AR follow up process results in:

  • Poor performance
  • Continuing and growing revenue leakage
  • Clients growing frustrated by poor collection rates

Give your team – and your billing company’s bottom line – a break by letting us help you decrease the amount of phone calls you need to make to payers. We reduce your AR follow up tasks by:

  • Sending out better claims
  • Automatically following up on claims (whether they weren’t received or were denied for reasons that can easily be remedied)
  • Consistently and accurately pursuing all claims instead of blindly guessing which claims to work on
Your company depends on consistent productivity, but measuring that across systems was impossible until RCM Brain and Beth joined the team.

Simplify Productivity Management

Your manager motivates your team to work efficiently and perform tasks accurately. But due to the level of complexity inherent in a billing company, addressing various issues with staff productivity can often feel like a game of whack-a-mole.

Your team manager likely tracks productivity by the number of tasks completed, regardless of the time and monetary value of each task. With this approach, writing off claims gives team members a false productivity boost.

Hire Beth and allow her to track your team’s work across all of your clients’ systems to get true insight into where your gaps in efficiency exist. Beth will perform her own tasks and hand off more complicated claims to your team. She’ll also provide reports for her work and a wealth of data and metrics around your team members’ tasks, such as:

  • Type
  • Volume
  • Outcome
Beth tracks the actions and outcomes of almost every task, then reports on productivity in real time.
Growing requires great people and innovative technology.Talk to us about adding our Beth to your team.

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