Eliminate 60% – 80% of the Workflow in Billing and Collecting Accurate Claims

Dramatically Simplify Your Workflow by Letting Beth:

  • Check Eligibility and Benefits Before Appointments
  • Scrub Claims to Prevent Revenue Leakage
  • Monitor Submitted Claims and Check Claim Statuses
  • Download 835s from Multiple Locations
  • Identify actionable denials to Follow Up On
  • Bill Secondary Payers with EOB Information
  • Create Attachments from Encounter Information
  • Assemble Appeal Packages with Template Cover Letters
  • Send Attachments Via Fax, Mail, and Uploading
  • Post Payments, Adjustments, and Write-Offs

Billing Automation Outcomes Beth Can Achieve:

  • Prevent Avoidable Revenue Leakage
  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry Errors
  • Automate Claims Tracking and AR Follow Up
  • Focus Staff on High Value Tasks
  • Report on Source of Truth Data

Billing Automation

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Leave tedious workflow tasks to Beth and let your staff handle the rest.

Prevent Avoidable Revenue Leakage

The best way to fight against revenue leakage is to stop it before it happens. But when you have countless claims going to multiple payers, optimizing your process is nearly impossible.

Beth will scrub each and every claim before it leaves your office, so claims:

  • Fit each specific payer’s parameters for accurate and full payment
  • Are compared against revenue leakage rules based on a specific provider’s combination of payers and services
  • Are cross-reference against payers’ historical denial trends for their services

By processing all of this information quickly and efficiently, Beth can actually predict how to prevent denials and can optimize her and your team’s coding process accordingly.

For example, there could be three ways to code a claim for the same service, but one of those ways could have a higher likelihood of being paid by the payer. Beth and the RCM Brain team would guide your billing staff in choosing the better way to code the claim.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry Errors

Unfortunately, your medical business’ staff has to perform a huge amount of manual data entry across a wide variety of software systems, including:

  • Electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Practice management systems
  • Clearinghouses
  • Payer websites

Because of the complexity and interconnectedness of these tasks, the odds of incorrectly entering data across these systems is incredibly high. Errors can result in:

  • Claims not being paid
  • Payments not being posted correctly
  • Other additional issues that result in revenue leakage

By allowing Beth to takeover data entry your office currently enters manually:

  • Tasks will be performed accurately and consistently every time
  • Increase the timely payment of claims and reduce revenue leakage
  • Your staff can devote their time to more important and fulfilling work

Automate Claims Tracking and AR Follow Up

Monitoring claims once they leave your office is one of the many revenue cycle challenges that plagues your team. On top of the paperwork that your staff is actively processing, your team has to chase submitted claims that never received payment (also known as a pended claim) and follow up on denied claims that need to be:

  • Resubmitted
  • Edited
  • Appealed later in the process

This doesn’t leave much time for your staff to focus on more pressing matters. You need Beth. She can track every claim once it goes out the door and:

  • Keep up with status changes made by the payer
  • Handle pended claims
  • Dispute denied claims

For more complex cases better suited for your talented team, Beth can task a staff member to follow up on a pended or denied claim.

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