If Your AR is Piling Up and Costing You Lots of Money, Beth Can Help

We Offer AR Cleanup Turnkey Services with No Upfront Costs:

  • Full analysis of current and written-off AR
  • Advanced payer negotiation strategies
  • Appeals and supporting documentation supplied
  • Collecting on invalid denials and payment variance

AR Cleanup

Free your team from workflow.

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Put Beth and RCM Brain to work for your medical business.

Analyze Your Current and Written-Off AR

RCM Brain can complete our deep-dive analysis of 12 to 18 months of your claim and payment data in about one week. We look at:

  • All claims, even claims that appear to have been paid correctly
  • Claims that have been stagnating in accounts receivable
  • Claims you wrote off, assuming they’d never be paid

Solve Existing Issues and Address Future Issues

With our findings we can:

  • Identify what payment you should expect from a payer for each service
  • Assess whether or not claims were paid accurately
  • Determine what lead to pended claims or denials and how to best avoid those issues in the future

Supply Appeals and Supporting Documentation

If you hire Beth and RCM Brain, we’ll provide the full and proper documentation payers require to process your claim. When we attack an AR cleanup project, we:

  • Examine all claims denied or pended by payers
  • Determine what documentation should be provided to gain approval
  • Ensure similar claims aren’t submitted with insufficient documentation again

Collect on Underpayment

When we handle AR cleanup for you and your team, we will:

  • Keep up with the frequent changes in fee schedules and contract terms for payers
  • Correct payment variance for historical claims and all future claim submissions during payer negotiations
  • Identify underpayments and denials the payer should have approved based on the fee schedule and current contract in place

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