Is your AR piling up and costing you a lot of money? Beth can help.

We offer AR cleanup turnkey services with no upfront costs:

  • Full Analysis of Current and Written-Off AR
  • Advanced Payer Negotiation Strategy
  • Appeals and Supporting Documentation Supplied
  • Collect on Invalid Denials and Payment Variance
RCM Brain doesn't just evaluate your accounts receivable.
We resolve existing issues and help prevent future issues.

Full Analysis of Current and Written-Off AR

Trying to conduct a full-analysis of your AR without the help of AI technology could take your team dozens or even hundreds of hours, especially if your medical business processes a large amount of claims. Because Beth works around the clock, RCM Brain can complete our deep-dive analysis of 12 to 18 months of your claim and payment data in about one week. We look at:

  • All claims, even claims that appear to have been paid correctly
  • Claims that have been stagnating in accounts receivable
  • Claims you wrote off, assuming they’d never be paid

Solve Existing Issues and Address Future Issues

With our findings we can:

  • Use reverse engineering to identify what payment you should expect from a payer for each service
  • Track received payments and assess whether or not claims were paid accurately
  • Determine whether payments weren’t received because the claims were outright denied or categorized as pended, then initiate the necessary steps for payment approval
  • Identify the issues that lead to denials and determine how to best avoid them in the future

Supply Appeals and Supporting Documentation

Frequently, claims are pended, flat out denied, or written-off because the payer didn’t receive the additional documentation they requested. But if you hire Beth and RCM Brain to cleanup your accounts receivable, we’ll provide payers with the full and proper documentation they require to process your claim.

When we attack an AR cleanup project, we:

  • Examine all claims denied or pended by payers
  • Determine what documentation should be provided to gain approval
  • Ensure similar claims aren’t submitted with insufficient documentation again

If a payer has any justification to deny a claim, they will. Don’t give it to them. Beth learns from past filing mistakes to help your business avoid them in the future. The experts at RCM Brain analyze data from electronic health records (EHR), formulated appeals of denied claims, and more to guarantee nothing is overlooked.

Collect on Underpayment

Because there’s no quick and easy way to determine whether or not the allowed amount and the patient responsibility amount listed by the payer are accurate on a claim-by-claim basis, your accounts receivable can get messy quick. Let us handle the cleanup.

You and your staff will no longer have to keep up with the frequent changes in fee schedules and contract terms for payers. During payer negotiations, we correct payment variance for historical claims and all future your claim submissions.

Even if you and your team do everything right, your claims could still be denied because of mistakes made by the payer. Beth and the team at RCM Brain can identify denials the payer should have approved and instances where the payer did not pay the amount they were supposed to based on the fee schedule and current contract in place.

With RCM Brain handling your accounts receivable,
your team can focus on improving patient services.
If you are ready to get rid of your AR headache, then it’s time to talk to us. We combine the power of Beth with our billing experts to find and collect every dollar you are owed, and help you prevent issues going forward.

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Performance-based Pricing

Our AR Cleanup Service is priced based on a percentage of collected revenue from accounts provided. Fee structure is based on the age and value of claims being worked.