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Beth connects the dots between orders, fulfillment, and billing.

Empowering your Ancillary Service growth by:

Simplifying Order Submission

Ensuring Consistent Documentation

Identifying Errors Before Submission

Submitting Additional Documentation

We used to struggle to make payroll when payers would change the rules and our AR would build up. Now I can focus on our strategic goals without worrying about revenue leakage. 

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If your ancillary service company is getting so many orders you’re
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Whether your business specializes in imaging, physical therapy, home health, or another form of ancillary service, Beth can help you connect the dots between orders, fulfillment, and billing.

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To simplify the process, let Beth mediate.

Simplify Order Submissions

Your ancillary service company gets more and more orders every day. What’s not to like? Well, because you and your team have to sift through a complex mix of providers to fulfill orders, these requests can sometimes feel like an onslaught.

Your team deals with a barrage of inconsistencies because your clients are spread across the United States and around the world and use a variety of methodologies when submitting orders.

Beth can sort through your clients’ order submissions faster and easier than your team can manually. She’ll also increase client satisfaction by verifying that your orders are complete and accurate.

Ensure Consistent Documentation

One of the biggest issues your ancillary service company grapples with is making sure you receive proper documentation for each order.

When referring providers or hospitals place orders, the documents required to receive payment aren’t always submitted along with the claim because that information:

  • Could still be in authorizations
  • Have an authorization request pending
  • May not fully account for the authorized services
  • Has not been approved by the provider placing the order and/or the insurance payer

Currently, your team has to perform a tremendous amount of AR follow up to gather that documentation after the claim has already been submitted. And, unfortunately, this often results in your company failing to capture and gather the necessary information.

But if you get Beth to oversee this process, she’ll guarantee every order received will also incorporate:

  • A request for supporting documentation
  • A check of payer pre-authorization
  • Free up your staff to complete other tasks
Beth ensures the information need to receive payment is already on file before services are rendered.

Identify Errors Before Submission

Due in part to the diverse array of services and equipment being billed, there are a lot of ways insurance companies can deny a claim for technical reasons.

If these errors are caught before submission, your company can prevent the vast majority of technical denials. Achieving such a feat is easier said than done when dealing with a high volume of claims.

Instead of tasking your team with the tedious, time-consuming, and all but impossible task of verifying every detail in every submission is correct, allow Beth to take over. She’ll dramatically reduce the amount of errors before submission by scrubbing every claim and tying it back to the originating order and all necessary supporting documentation.

Submit Additional Documentation

Claims that require follow up in the form of supporting documentation often go unpaid. And you’ve likely found that payers are increasingly asking for supporting documents.

Inevitably, a variety of challenges for your ancillary service company crop up because these additional documents cannot be submitted electronically or at the time of claim submission. Consequently, your company leaks a large amount of revenue because required documents are:

  • Not being submitted
  • Being submitted in a very time-consuming and tedious way

Stop wasting time and money and hand off these tasks to Beth. After each claim has been submitted, she can:

  • Collect and submit additional documentation with the appropriate identifying information
  • Follow up with payers to verify they received the requested documentation
  • Predict the the type of supporting documents needed and provide them before their requested
You can also have Beth queue up documents to be submitted internally by your office, have her submit them via fax or alert your team to drop them in the mail.
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