Replace Your Workflow with Fully-Managed AI Services by RCM Brain

Advanced technology managed by experts, giving you the freedom to reallocate staff as you see fit.

Intake and Authorization

Eliminate manual workflows for patient registrations, physician referrals, pharmacy orders, and payer authorizations.

Coding and Billing

Eliminate manual workflows for coding, building claims, submitting batches, and fixing rejections.

Denials and AR Cleanup

Eliminate manual workflows for responding to pended or denied claims, submitting additional documentation, and appeals.

Posting and Reconciliation

Eliminate manual workflows for gathering 835s, converting paper EOBs, posting payment, and reconciling deposits.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

Achieve business insights and reporting with source of truth data gathered from multiple locations.

Payer-Provider Data Sharing

Facilitate the stream of information between payer and provider for a more efficient working relationship.

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