We believe in accuracy, transparency, and empowerment.


We build technology that simplifies complexity and human talent that understands revenue cycle from coding to posting.

We focus on three core principles to ensure accurate data meets transparent rules:

  • Eliminating claims processing errors
  • Leveraging next-generation technology
  • Empowering every team member to solve problems

The real talent is proudly represented by these fine folks.


Founder and CEO

6 Years – Revenue Cycle Management Product Development


I believe that technology should be used to make life and business easier. When it is doing the opposite, my passion for disruption compels me to act. There is no better example than revenue cycle management.

Providers, payers, and patients are suffering from multiple complicated processes coming together to create the most complex payment system in any industry on Earth.

Myself and RCM Brain are on a mission to simplify the creation, submission, adjudication, payment, and reconciliation of healthcare claims.

We have designed a technology platform that eliminates much of the frustration caused by practice management, clearinghouse, and claim adjudication software.

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), computer vision, and predictive analytics, we are reinventing revenue cycle workflow.

If you are the type of leader that is looking for a partner that believes in the mission of technology and understands the complexity of revenue cycle – you have found a friend.

I live to solve big problems with strong leaders.

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