Your AR department strives every day to bring in as much of the money that your medical business is owed as possible. But to stay ahead of the constant barrage of new claims coming in, they have to prioritize their time and write off certain claims that have either been underpaid or denied entirely.

Incorrect write-offs are just one of the major barriers preventing the growth of your medical business discussed in our free eBook, 10 Deadly Sins of AR and How to Fix Them. Download it today to learn how to boost the productivity of your AR department.

While it may sound like your team is being lazy or sloppy by “ignoring” incorrect write-offs in your AR, they actually don’t have much of a choice with the tools and training that they currently have.

When the staff at your billing office is able to overturn a denial or identify an underpayment, they will take the appropriate action to get that claim paid properly. But the trouble is, these issues are not exactly obvious and your team only makes these changes for the claims they’re actively working on at any one time.

As individuals, your team members don’t have the know-how to spot errors that lead to incorrect writes-offs on all of the claims they have processed or are currently working on. And as a whole, they don’t have the time to backtrack and review claims.

Ideally, your team would be able to retroactively look at all of the write-offs and accepted payment amounts that were pushed back into your practice management system and verify whether or not any errors were made. Then, they could readdress any claims they needed to and follow-up with the appropriate payer to overturn denials or correct underpayment issues.

But at present, your team has to focus on the newest claims in front of them because they are coming in all the time. They may have a 12 month window to dispute denials and underpayments but when they hardly have enough time to address what’s right in front of them, how can they be expected to worry about mistakes they don’t even know they’ve made?

Solution: Prevent Incorrect Write-Offs

A major cardinal AR sin that finds its way into many billing offices is mishandling write-offs.

To keep the list of accounts to work at an appropriate level, billing officers often write off large batches of accounts or write off more than should be written off. Often, this is a result of either underpayment or an attempt to prevent or address an overwhelmed team.

If you really want to fix and clean up your AR, you should:

  • Identify various types of accounts that can be followed up and paid
  • Review all of your accounts that you had previously written off to look for similar scenarios and rectify those as well

Granted, this does temporarily call more accounts back into the AR follow-up workflow, but this work will ensure your AR gets cleaned up and stays that way in the long term. Taking this approach, you’ll maximize returns and squeeze the money out of the system that you should have earned in the first place.

Tapping into your extensive AR data will help your team overhaul the way they address claims. Stop leaving money on the table and let us help you and your team crunch the numbers to reduce revenue leakage and employee burnout.

Start claiming the full amount your AR department is owed by avoiding write-offs that aren’t absolutely necessary. Learn how to accomplish this and nine other positive changes for your medical business by downloading our free eBook 10 Deadly Sins of AR and How to Fix Them. Get in touch with the expert team at RCM Brain by calling 1-855-RCM-BETH or booking a consultation with our online form.

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