The members of your AR department probably get a solid dose of satisfaction after finally submitting a complicated claim and checking something off the to-do list. But that sigh of relief may be a little premature because there’s still a chance that the payer may never receive it.

Instead of assuming that all of your AR team’s claims were received by the payer without issue, learn how to verify that they were by downloading our free eBook 10 Deadly Sins of AR and How to Fix Them. The talented team at RCM Brain created this resource so your medical business can clean up your AR and grow.

Imagine spending hours on a work task, submitting it for approval and then waiting weeks or even months for a response that never comes.

As if that lack of communication isn’t frustrating enough, remember that in the case of a claim that your AR department has submitted, that silence also means that you don’t receive money you’re owed for services that have already been rendered. In a double whammy, your AR department will find out that they worked hard on a claim for basically no reason and they got short-changed as well.

Typically, your billing office has no way to track whether or not claims actually made it into a payer’s adjudication system. If a payer never receives a particular claim, they’ll have zero record of it and will not take any action.

Meanwhile, your billing office considers the claim submitted, designates it accounts receivable, and remains completely unaware that any further action may be required.

You may think that your team can and should simply follow up on every claim to confirm that it was received by the respective payer, but that would require time that your team doesn’t have. They’re already working hard to follow up on the claims they know they need to. So how are they supposed to know about problems that are basically invisible to them?

Solution: Confirm Payers Receive Every Claim

So you can catch claims that went into a pended state and address them as early as possible, your process should automatically check the status of each claim. Usually, if this check happens at all, it only occurs during the initial submission of a claim so your AR team may not know if the status has changed.

Instead of finding out three, six, or even more months later, allow the team find a solution for automating follow-up on claims to ensure the payers receive them. Your team won’t have to spend valuable time checking work they already did reached the people it was meant to reach.

Don’t let another claim go unpaid all because the payer never actually received it. Download our free eBook, 10 Deadly Sins of AR and How to Fix Them, to learn how your medical business can make some small changes that will have a big impact on your AR. You can also reach out to the RCM Brain team directly to book a consultation for more personalized, in depth assistance. Call 1-855-RCM-BETH or fill out our simple online form to take the first step!

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