The work your AR team does is incredibly complex and requires extensive ongoing training. But the heavy workload of claims that need processed, means this training often falls by the wayside for another day and your newest team members are expected to learn as they go.

Give your team the know-how they need to make your AR department function more efficiently. Learn how to start addressing improper team training and nine other AR sins by downloading our free eBook, 10 Deadly Sins of AR and How to Fix Them. Read on for more advice for addressing team training deficiencies.

Why Your Staff Isn’t Trained Properly

As you know, the revenue cycle is a very complicated and often frustrating process. Even if one of your team members has a generalized, somewhat abstract understanding of how the cycle works, they also need to understand nuances specific to each payer to whom they’re submitting and disputing claims.

There are huge knowledge gaps between your experienced billing staff members and the newer hires that are just getting up to speed. But let’s put this issue into more concrete terms.

New claims need to be produced by your team every day. Because a great deal of knowledge has to go into composing a claim from scratch, these new claims almost always demand the attention of your more senior team members. Meanwhile, your newer staff members often work the oldest AR claims because, presumably, a lot of the work has already been done.

However, until they’ve gained six months or more of hands-on experience, there’s a very good chance that these new team members still don’t know how to follow up on a claim.

Currently, new team members do not receive the intensive training regarding the software and processes they’re expected to follow due to your team already being stretched thin. Typically, new team members receive a significant portion of their training by simply watching another co-worker get through their daily processes.

But even if your newer hires excel at this sort of indirect training, each new thing they learn may not necessarily be applicable to every claim. Even after team members understand the basics of claim submission, there remains a fundamental lack of knowledge about payer-specific adjudication rules.

In effect, this all means that your new team members may essentially be trained on submitting and disputing claims by learning from their mistakes.

They’ll eventually understand the process, but at what cost? They’ll put in hours working on a claim only for it to be denied and cost your medical business more money, when they could have caught their mistakes the first time if they’d been properly trained.

Solution: Step Up Staff Training

Make a change by updating your staff training process. A pervasive problem in billing departments is a lack of employee training for software systems and methods used within your AR department. Most team members have no idea how the entire system works or how different departments support each other. Your new training program will help maintain high standards of quality across all employees.

Everyone, not just a few select individuals, needs to understand how the entire workflow functions from start to finish. This is the only way to prevent future AR build up. The front office staff, the registration team, the billing department and the charting staff all need to understand how their actions affect the billing cycle and can lead to an AR pile up.

Improved staff training will also achieve:

  • A greater sense of unity
  • Better job function cross-training
  • Increased old and outstanding AR cleanup

To learn more about how you can make the changes necessary to train every member of your team to optimize the AR claims process, contact the team at RCM Brain using our online form or by calling us at 1-855-RCM-BETH. Download our free eBook 10 Deadly Sins of AR and How to Fix Them to learn more about staff training and other things you can do to grow your company.

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