At RCM Brain, we have created a game-changing revenue cycle management (RCM) system called Beth that can help you and your team better serve your patients in countless ways.

In an earlier blog post, we’ve explained a little about how Beth can save you (and your clients) money, but the benefits don’t stop there. Beth can also save you and your team precious time in your day by freeing you of the demands of your workflow.

We’ve outlined some examples below, but for a full rundown of what Beth can do for your company specifically, book a consultation online or by calling 1-855-RCM-BETH to speak to one of our RCM experts.


Hand Off 60% – 80% Of Your Workflow To Beth

As a member of the healthcare community, you know better than most how much time your staff spends on submitting claims, receiving denials, disputing denials, and re-submitting claims. The minutia of these rote tasks adds up quickly, keeping your team from more rewarding and client-focused services.

But if you decide to hire Beth, she’ll complete these repetitive jobs in less time than your actual employees could and with less risk of denial. Beth works around the clock and excels at the type of tasks that are most prone to human error.

But Beth doesn’t replace your valuable team members. Instead, staff that was previously in the back of the office, solely contributing to overhead, can be reassigned to the front of the office or assigned to other responsibilities that increase revenue like client outreach.


Let Beth Handle Workflow While Your Team Focuses On People

Like most healthcare professionals, you and your team members probably joined this calling because you wanted to help people. But with the never-ending revenue cycle battle, it’s impossible to give patients and clients your undivided attention.


Beth Makes It Possible

Beth helps your team by taking on a major chunk of the workflow load, but perhaps the greatest asset she provides is time, which will allow your team to serve patients in invaluable ways.
While Beth works at filing claims and dealing with denials, your team is free to offer patients thorough in-office customer service, demonstrating how much you value them, their time, and their health. Not only will this make your patients and your team happy, it could also reduce turnover for both.

Your team will also have the time to greet patients warmly on the phone instead of sending calls to voicemail or immediately placing prospective patients on hold. Even over the phone, your practice will distinguish itself with a first impression that feels much more personal.

With Beth on the team, your staff will now have the time to proactively reach out to patients. A simple follow-up call following an appointment or a reminder about a scheduled annual wellness visit could go a long way toward patient retention and satisfaction.

As you know, sometimes you have to pick your battles when it comes to the revenue cycle. With Beth handling 60% – 80% of your workflow, your team will focus their energy on the most pressing and complex claims in front of them. They’ll also check off the tasks that always seem to get pushed to the side and left for another day.

Another bonus of bringing Beth on board, she allows for time in the day to pursue professional development. Your practice can devote more time to:

  • Staff learning
  • Skill sharpening
  • Becoming well-versed in new patient best practices
  • Learning more about complicated contract negotiations

These are just a handful of examples of how Beth can help your healthcare team better serve the people who turn to you for help. With more time at your disposal, you’ll find countless ways to improve your overall practice, your team, and your patient experience.


Leave The Paperwork To Beth & The People-work To Your Team

Don’t waste anymore time than you have to in the revenue cycle – find out more about what an indispensable team member Beth could be by booking a consultation with RCM Brain. You can also connect with us at 1-855-RCM-BETH.

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