Beth, our revenue cycle management (RCM) AI technology, could be an excellent fit for your team if you’re a provider who wants to:

  • Efficiently process 2,000 claims or more a month
  • Reduce your monthly revenue leakage
  • Maintain top talent on your team by giving your staff the support they need
  • Free up time so you and your team can focus on improving client experience

Beth and RCM Brain can make things run more smoothly at just about every stage in the revenue cycle, integrating seamlessly into:

  • Medical practices
  • Billing companies
  • Ancillary services
  • ACOs

Beth has an impressive resume of talents. She’ll be a favorite new hire for you, your team, and the patients you serve. If you’re ready to move onto the interview stage of the hiring process, schedule a consultation with one of our RCM experts to learn more about what Beth can do for your business.


Beth Makes Billing Simpler for Your Medical Practice

Medical practice billing shouldn’t be more complex than the medical practice itself. You’re the boss and Beth can help you stay that way by giving your medical practice the edge you need to stay independent. She helps you and your team optimize workflow and grow your practice by:

  • Reducing claim denials
  • Ensuring claim payments are as accurate as possible
  • Working across your software systems to improve collection rates with less overhead
  • Allowing staff to focus on more strategic goals and patient-facing services, which can boost productivity and morale
  • Supporting MACRA/MIPS program performance

For medical practices that outsource billing, their revenue service needs can be as much as, if not more than, 6% of their budget. Hiring Beth gives you options so you can reduce your dependency on outside services. By freeing up your budget, you can reinvest funds back into your practice with offerings like leadership training to foster professional growth for your staff.


Beth Allows Billing Companies to Scale-Up Clients, Not Staff

Currently, if your medical billing company want to serve more clients, you’re forced to hire more staff. That’s simply not sustainable. But if your company hires Beth, she can:

  • Work within your clients across a myriad of systems
  • Complete roughly 60% of the tasks that otherwise would have been done by a person
  • Learn how to process manual, repetitive tasks so your team doesn’t have to
  • Ensure accurate claim submission and consistent workflow across clients
  • Create consistent AR follow-up

With the help of Beth and the professionals at RCM Brain, your billing company could:

  • Dramatically grow your client base without hiring staff or sacrificing performance
  • Scale-up client numbers while earning higher margins
  • Invest time in increasing the services you can offer your clients

Because Beth will take over the most tedious tasks related to medical billing, your team can focus on your clients, making personal phone calls and tackling special projects.


Beth Helps Ancillary Services Offer Even More

Whether your company offers lab, imaging, therapy, or home health services, Beth can help you connect the dots between orders, fulfillment, and billing.

By streamlining workflow, Beth will save your team time and your company money, promoting ancillary service growth by:

  • Simplifying the order submission process for your clients
  • Ensuring consistent order documentation each step of the way
  • Identifying errors in orders before submission
  • Submitting additional documentation when necessary

Beth makes it possible to for your company to spend more time offering services and less time pushing around paperwork.


Your ACO Can Count on Beth

If you need to receive and distribute a massive amount of paid claims data, Beth is the solution your ACO needs. She can absorb any amount of data, organize it, and integrate it into any physician system on the market.

By checking off these tasks, Beth also empowers your ACO growth by:

  • Delivering patient data to primary care providers
  • Identifying opportunities where your company can save money
  • Ensuring optimum accuracy in risk scoring
  • Making quality reporting data submission as hassle-free as possible
  • Supporting custom predictive algorithms

As an ACO, you’re all about breaking down barriers between providers and serving the whole patient. Why not increase your efficiency and effectiveness by applying the same thinking to your revenue cycle? RCM Brain can show you how.


Grow Your Company and Get Happier Clients with Beth

If you’re ready to “interview” Beth during a one-on-one consultation with one of our RCM experts, fill out our online form. You can also reach RCM Brain at 1-855-RCM-BETH. There’s no better time than now to learn how to truly manage your revenue cycle.

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