RCM Brain is pioneering first-of-its-kind revenue cycle management (RCM) technology to automate your workflow and get your staff back to what really matters – your patients. To learn more about our technology and how we can save you money while simplifying your office, read on or schedule a consultation with an expert member of our team.

Meet Beth

Beth is our RCM technology. She uses artificial intelligence to help your practice:

  • Save money by reducing revenue leakage
  • File claims faster and more efficiently, reducing the likelihood of denials
  • Automate workflow tasks so you can focus your efforts on patient-oriented services

Beth and the rest of the team at RCM Brain are not a clearinghouse or a claims scrubbing tool. We go well beyond the simple claims automation systems you may be familiar with because Beth has “hands” and a “brain.”

Beth works with your existing software systems. She has her own login and uses her “hands” to process claims for your office. Her “brain” automatically analyzes your data to more thoroughly complete forms with information that might otherwise be entered incorrectly or overlooked entirely. And because Beth is always learning as she works, she performs better over time.

Beth will become your team’s favorite new co-worker. By adding Beth and the experts at RCM Brain to your workforce, your office staff can hand off rote tasks and spend more time focusing on the most valuable and fulfilling part of their job – serving your patients.

Rest Assured Beth And RCM Brain Will Be There For You

Our experts stay by your side every step of the way with Beth:

  • We’ll show you and your team how to get the most from our technology
  • We actively look for ways to improve your practice from RCM cycle to contracts
  • We offer real-time support and monthly meetings to measure metrics

Stay in Touch

The team at RCM Brain and your office will use Slack to communicate throughout the day. Slack is basically a high-octane messaging service used by businesses around the world. We’ll set up channels for your particular office and organize them by topic. Then, your staff can chat with Beth as if she were a colleague sitting one desk over.

Your practice will also get almost real-time support for Beth from the team of experts at RCM Brain through Slack. If there’s anything you need assistance with, just let us know!

To keep Beth working at her best, we provide consultation web meetings once a month. The leadership of your office and key staff members can join in. On the call, we’ll discuss:

  • Productivity measurement across staff
  • Financial performance metrics
  • Analysis of performance improvement opportunities
  • Create a list of new tasks for Beth to learn

These meetings will allow Beth to continuously improve how she uses her hands and brain. With each passing month, she’ll be able to do more inside your system and boost her ability to think smarter with less need for interaction from your team.

Beth And RCM Brain: The Investment That Pays For Itself

At RCM Brain, we believe in innovation across the board, and that includes the way we price our services. We don’t have a set price per package when it comes to Beth. Instead, we offer performance-based pricing. So you can use the new revenue we generate for your practice each month to pay for our services.

On average, your typical medical practice loses over 15% of revenue each month due to leakage at some point in the revenue cycle. Our goal is for Beth to reduce that number to 5% or less.

How It Works

In an ideal world, there would never be any revenue leakage and each claim would be fully paid in a timely manner. That’s rarely the case, but Beth can get you closer to that reality. Let’s compare an example provider office to a provider office using Beth:

Example Medical Office with 15% Revenue Leakage:

  • Submits 2,000 claims per month worth $460,000 in revenue
  • Collects $400,000 per month

Medical Office Using Beth with only 5% Revenue Leakage:

  • Submits 2,000 claims worth $460,000 in revenue
  • Collects $440,000 per month

The experts at RCM Brain do all we can to get your revenue leakage down to 5% or less. Our fee is based on our success. When you schedule a consult to learn more about Beth, we can run these numbers using information from your office.

Reduce Your Revenue Cycle Troubles With Beth

To take the first step in adding Beth to your team, set up a consultation with RCM Brain today. You can book an appointment with us using our online form or call us at 1-855-RCM-BETH.

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