Hire Beth and the RCM Ninjas to Lower Costs and Grow Revenue

Your Revenue Cycle Challenges

  • Not enough trained staff to manage workload
  • Growing accounts receivable causing revenue leakage
  • Legacy systems are unable to share data

How Beth Works in Your Systems

  • Logs into billing systems, clearinghouses, and payer portals
  • Scrubs claims to avoid issues with your payers and services
  • Edits and resubmits primary and secondary claims
  • Generates and submits attachments online and via fax
  • Follows up on claims and verifies payment accuracy
  • Reports on revenue cycle performance and productivity

RCM Ninjas Provide Expert Services

  • Analyze historical data to train Beth with advanced rules
  • Perform turnkey AR Cleanup services
  • Managed billing operations for Full Service offering

Beth Organizes Your Data, Automates Tedious Workflow, and Prioritizes Activities for Your Staff.

Consistently Collect More Revenue with Fewer Staff and Less Frustration.

Increasing Profitability by:

  • Preventing revenue leakage
  • Reducing collection costs
  • Eliminating avoidable write-offs

We Train Beth to Work Inside Your Existing Practice Management Software, EHR, Clearinghouse, and Payer Portals

Keep Existing Software

  • Legacy desktop applications
  • Modern web applications
  • Custom internal systems

Easy To Manage

  • Easy-to-use Slack interface
  • Real-time support in application
  • Single tenant in our cloud or yours

Advanced Rules Engine

  • Machine learning
  • Built for scale and security
  • Source of truth data

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