Your revenue cycle isn’t working. Your staff is frustrated. You need Beth!

Use Beth to fix old issues, prevent new ones, and automate tedious workflow.

Accounts Receivable Cleanup

100% Turnkey Service:

Our AR Cleanup service is designed to look at all of your historical claims, not just the items you currently have listed in your AR reports. We take over your claims after 60, 90, or 120 days and work them in batches at the payer level. Our data-driven approach gets results faster and fixes issues related to incorrect payments and invalid denials.

  • Evaluate all historical claims and payments
  • Identify actionable denials and payment variance
  • Negotiate accounts in batch with payers
  • Generate and submit appeal packages

Billing Automation

Customized Automation:

Beth is fully trained on your practice management system, clearinghouses, payer portals, and other systems. She can automate a variety of tasks and route more complex issues to your staff for follow-up. Beth keeps track of staff productivity and financial performance for monthly review.

  • Automation across all existing systems
  • Staff training on receiving work from Beth
  • Monthly account review and automation enhancements

Medical Providers

Eliminate revenue leakage and lower collection costs.

Billing Company

Add more clients across different systems without adding staff.

Ancillary Services

Fill accurate orders and submit attachments to get paid.


Distribute paid claims data and identify patient opportunities.

Free eBook: The 10 Deadly Sins of AR and How to Fix Them

Messy AR can wipe out your medical business. Don’t let it. In this free ebook, our RCM Brain experts give an overview of the AR missteps that:

  • Create an overwhelming amount of work for your AR team
  • Make it hard to get an accurate picture of your revenue and identify revenue leakage
  • Contribute to staff shortages and make recruiting top talent difficult