Automate complex processes across multiple data sources.

Overlay on existing systems to do the things you always wanted to do.

Data Management

Aggregate data across systems

Migrate data to new systems

Analytics and custom reporting

Rules Engine

Tag any scenario

Capture business rules

Calculate any value

Workflow Automation

Desktop and web automation

Document extraction

Triggered APIs and human tasks

Consultative implementation that ensures success.

Every situation is unique and we go the extra mile to maximize your ROI.


Understand objectives and data sources


Import historical data from all sources


Generate new algorithms with machine learning


Automate workflow across systems

Every healthcare organization has data problems and
business opportunities that AI can help with.

We are on a mission to empower healthcare with AI.

Our team is dedicated to building the right platform to scale your operation.

John Williamson

Founder and CEO

The healthcare industry suffers from an avalanche of data spread across hundreds of legacy systems, with complex business relationships governing the flow of vital information.


Providers, payers, and servicers are struggling to make a meaningful change in the way things work.


It is within this context that we are deploying a flexible and comprehensive AI platform to help eliminate bottlenecks and predict the unknown.


We have all seen point solutions from a variety of vendors that attempt to support various areas of the healthcare ecosystem, typically ignoring large swaths of the market.


We believe in uniting the various constituents with the tools they need to enable more accurate and transparent relationships with less friction at a lower cost.

Flexible pricing options to meet your objectives.

We work with organizations that want to invest in the future.


Data Migration

Data Analysis

Algorithm Creation

Account Cleanup

Historical Transaction Audit


Data Storage

Analytics and Reporting

Hosted Algorithms

Workflow Automation

Infrastructure as a Service

White Label

Consultant Reseller

Joint Venture Reseller

Software Vendor Augmentation

Let’s talk about your priorities.

Expect information and feedback, not a heavy sales pitch.